Friday, 19 July 2013

Hai, Assalamualaikum. Frankly speaking im sorry for long time tak update blog. Busy with life, i guess. Hmm yaa maybe hahaha.

Problems come and go, suddenly i got one. Act, its about two people. But when it comes to two faces, tetiba semua orang dikaitkan then i really cant stand for. uh uh, seriously no! You serious takde hak nak control hidup orang lain, my parents also not do that stupid things. I mean asal kawan dengan budak yg tak buat benda bukan-bukan, go on, you can friends with everybody.

"Sebelom tengok kesalahan orang lain . Tengok dlu kesalahan diri" GS

THIS, i found this tweet on my tl. Damn true, you also make the mistake then why must judge me?! Come on bitch, its not normal when comes to "aku kutuk kau, mesti kau pun ada. normal la tu". Woooo, maksud yg kau nak tekankan sekarang bilamana kau pernah kutuk sorang tu, then kau fikir orang yang kau pernah kutuk tu akan kutuk balik. Bitch, thats 'lapuk'. Seriously.

"kau lepak dengan diaorang, kau lupa kitaorang" wei, pernah ke kau susah sorang sorang. Kalau boleh hidup ni aku rakam, kita boleh flashback balik. You just cant accept your fault, then tarik semua orang. Hahhhh, dumb ass. We all dah sympathy, tolerate and everythings. Its more, bro. Serius banyak gilerr, and you the bitch cant appreciated what we've done to you.

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