Saturday, 7 December 2013


I dont know what to write act, but in case if you wanna know. That i am officially finish my school, secara rasminya aku dh meninggalkan alam persekolahan. And a step more before i reach "zaman kedewasaan". The true is aku takut. Hahahahahaha. For the 12 years before, every years what im just doing is go to class every monday until friday, doing homeworks, skip my class, mess w prefects and more. Ask mom to buy colours pencil, note books, ask friends to wrote their biodata and keep it. But now, its different.

I have to do by my own, all of them. I have to works for making money and live by my own. Kalau sebelum ni, semua mak abah buat semua mak abah sediakan. Tapi sekarang tak lagi. And to be honest when im writing this post, im a bit of crying hahahaha. I got two feeling after i done my last spm paper last thursday, happy but sad. Im not gonna sleep every assembly more, doing my homeworks out of my class, lied to my teacher for going to toilet just because im lazy af for their lesson.

The word of  "Merdeka" after finish our spm is not like we gonna enjoy everyday, but its more. Its like we enter the new world, more challenge, more ppl and gonna through by our ownself ((if you know what i mean)).

And now im regret, school life is better than now. All we got is created a memories but now we created and learn.

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