Wednesday, 27 November 2013


Yoo, ladies and gentleman. whaddup. wtv, haha. K, saya cuti harini, sebab takde paper. Harini rasanya paper perdagangan kot cause budak pg tweet diaorang dah merdeka. So, yela kot. K, tung ahhh. I have two papers more, goshhh cepat la masa berlalu. I cant wait for my last payperrr, cant wait for my last day at school, cant wait for a better life. Seriously. But, it scared me sometimes. I mean, i grow up, theres no more school, wake up so early and wearing a uniform. Assembly every monday, homeworks and school rules.

And for sure, im gonna miss my school memories. 2012 and 2013 is the best year. I met new friends, and they from another country. Theres a lot of yknow, memories, all the bad ideas, bad attitude. Yaa, i miss them. They taught me a lot, how to be a better person, better friends. That relationship between Hawa's/Aishah's is really a great. I never met ppl like them. Even we have 'kutuk' each other, fight, masam muka, and else. But we still together. And i am really proud when someone say we all UNITE.

And to asna, the best sister ever hahaha i guess. Even you're just my yknow, adik angkat. But im so glad to meet you. Seriously, the person who i care as a family beside my mom dad and brother. The person i can share all my problems beside my bestfriends. The person who i can love as my sister. We met at there, SM Teknik Taiping and theres a lot memories we created. And most important, you still remember me even you have done ur school for this year.

Asrama life such a, idk how to say. Sometimes, i can call as best part of my life but sometime nayy it just like a prison. But the truly is, without all my Hawa's, theres nothing i can found at there.

To our kd ((nina)) the caring person, thanks being my partner in class even sekejap. Papa ((teah)), you the best mate ever, iloveyou thanks sllu jadi orang tengah klu me and joker having a fight. To eka, thanks because always brought food for us haha and you such a nice person. To nana, the mostly noisy on our dorm, thanks for being tak kedekut dan most important, kita sebenarnya sepupu semoyang haha after 2 years knowing you baru semalam tahu. To ezza, our hero haha your grandma is a best chef ever. To puny ((aina)) even you lahir awal but ppl always tought you a sister in our dorm, btw you re pretty. To kobi ((izzaty)) pelawak antarabangsa dorm, it fun to friend w you. To suhaila, the funny person, i always taught that you're talent for maharaja lawak haha and your jokes always make my day. Aishah, its  good to friend w you, even we had fight for once. And ana and bella. you guys are the best one, best soulmates ever, partner in crimes haha, iloveyou so so much and i really hope our friendship will never ends. And lastly to my beauty rapunzel, my bestfriends ever, we share everythings and im glad to have you baby.We through thick and thin together and i love you still now and forever syg.

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